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Welcome to Miss Quinn’s Elite Phone Sex’s Contact and Payment Pages. Here I’ll discuss how to reach us, what payment entails, and how to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Are you ready to reach out and say hello to your phone sex diva? I sure hope so! If you’ve got any questions, or a specific request you’re a little nervous about, just drop me a line, either by email or by sending a message below. Scroll down for current payment methods.

We’ve come a long way already and we’re not stopping anytime soon! We now accept all major credit cards!

Current contact and payment methods for my private line, where anything goes and EVERYTHING stays between us.

Knowing What To Expect Involving Contact And Payment

No one likes to be surprised or confused when money is involved, especially where phone sex is involved, so let’s cover the basics before you call.
-Have your payment method and any promo codes you wish to use ready before you call.
-Promo Codes MUST be mentioned DURING billing.
-Do not ask for any specials. They are to be hunted down BY YOU and are a reward for your devotion.
-Calls are $2 per minute for US callers, $2.50 for INTL callers.
-There’s a 10-minute minimum, but we offer a 5-minute preview option for $15(if you go over on a preview call but don’t make it to 10 minutes, you will be charged for 5 minutes at regular billing price)
-Like anyone billing over the phone, we’re going to need to collect some pretty standard information to process your payment if you choose to use a Credit Card: card #, expiration date, CVV, Full Name on the card, zip code, date of birth.
-We utilize SSL security, firewalls, and other layers of protection for your safety and ease of mind.
-We encourage you to provide an email address so we can send out receipts, 2 FREE sexy pics per call, and communication. You are free to opt-out of all or some forms of email communication.
-After billing, we disconnect. We need to focus and make sure we enter everything perfectly so we can get you on your way to the perfect phone sex experience as quickly as possible.
-Give us 3-4 minutes to get our shit together and then call us right back! If you choose to get Free pics, the moment you get them you’ll know we’re ready to go!
-If you find yourself waiting and waiting on your pictures, check your spam. If they aren’t there, call us back!
-Enjoy yourself! Once you call us back, anything goes so long as you respect your phone sex operator. Abuse us in roleplays, but always say thank you when you’re done.
-We’re here for your entertainment and pleasure, so never hesitate to let us know if your roleplay or fantasy isn’t going in the direction you want. We are talented fucking bitches, but alas, we have yet to officially learn how to mindread.

We don't need your real name, but entertain me if you're unwilling to provide it. "Cock McStuffins", "BitchBoi Toy" etc.

Credit Cards

All major credit cards accepted, billed discreetly as
Accepted by both Miss Quinn and Slutty Skylar.

These next methods are for speaking with Miss Quinn, specifically. You may inquire about other payment options with Slutty Skylar, she may refuse or accept based on her preferences.

Gift Cards

What better way to take a phone sex test-ride with me than by turning some of those half-used gift cards into precious minutes with me? You aren’t using it, no one will miss it… All it will cost you is a little time. No matter the brand, upon confirmation of balance and transfer of said funds, I will accept partial gift cards with values between $15-$50. Or new E-cards in any amount $15 or higher. *E-cards are giftcards with no physical card attached to them. They must be able to be emailed directly to me. If the one you wish to get me is not listed below, exceptions may be made, but email me first.

Currently accepting the following e-cards to my email:

Prepaid Visa Or Master Card



*Some cards take up to 24 hours to be sent.

Your call will not commence until funds arrive.

Patient boys get treats! Should your card fail to arrive within a half-hour of when you sent it, you will be notified and receive a 5 or 10 minute credit based on your purchase, to be used when I do receive your payment. But be sure to email me as soon as you send it, so that we can start the clock!


Do you want to be my secret agent man? Personally, I like to put on a pair of sexy glasses, pull my hair back, and pretend I’m hacking into the DoD when I pay for things in crypto. It’s easier than you might think though, especially with BlockChain here to help newbies set up a secure wallet in under 5 minutes! Make sure you have a wallet set up (with funds in it), and simply email me for a user-specific address to transfer the funds to. You’ll receive my phone number upon request for address, but your call will not be accepted until transfer is complete. Great for clients seeking discretion and for clients who like to impress.

I currently accept:

Bitcoin – BTC

Bitcoin Cash – BCH


Ether – ETH

Stellar – XLM

Just email me your desired amount of minutes or product to purchase and I’ll create a new, individualized address for our transaction. If you aren’t already hooked on Crypto-currency, you will be soon. Get 5 free minutes with your first crypto transaction!!