Drunk Chicks Getting Fucked

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Oh, you liked that title, did you? ‘Drunk Chicks Getting Fucked’ is pretty alluring. Who doesn’t want a movable and compliant sex toy to enjoy in the heat of the moment? I know I sure do!

That’s why I wrote this little fantasy about me catching two drunk chicks and bringing them home to you. Young, compliant, and smoking fucking hot, they’re going to make for the best anniversary gift ever! But from a wife like me would you expect any less?

Catching Drunk Girls

They sat slumped on a bench, heads pressed together as they giggled. One had her arm outstretched mimicking a puppet while the other looked on entranced.
“Issa good ideeeeea! Shoot for moon, land on clouds.” she said as her friend laughed her ass off.
I was bemused at their play, but my focus was on their messy hair, out of place clothing, and most of all, the skin they weren’t intentionally showing me. Whether they meant to or not, they were basically flashing me.

But I wasn’t one to complain about such things. A little flash of pink in the dark does crazy things to my mind. All I needed now was to convince these drunk chicks to get in my car with me.

It wasn’t hard. As much as the alcohol was trying to help them, it couldn’t fight off the cold winds starting to blow.

All I had to do was mention the brisk air and they were wobbling on their feet, hurrying to the backseat of my four door. Within moments of settling into my car they were passed out .

The warmth was just too much for them so I blasted it even harder and called you.

Drunk Chicks Delivered

“Hey babe! How was your day? Uh huh. Well, I’m about to make it 10x better! I’ve got a couple surprises for you, so be ready to help me get them inside when I pull up. Alright sweetie, happy anniversary! I’ll see you soon!”

I was fucking giddy with my haul but I wondered how long we could count on the drunk chicks to stay drunk. No matter, though, I had tons of tranquilizers at home.

I pulled in and turned off my headlights, trusting you to rush out and greet me. My heels met gravel as I stepped out and I felt your steadying hand on my shoulder before I saw you.

I beamed at you when we finally made eye contact because not only was I so in love with you, but I was proud of myself for the two drunk chicks waiting for your approval.

With my mischievous smile in place I gestured to the back seat so I could watch your face. Dipping your head for a better view, you moved in before I could show you myself. And then you were smiling. Because you knew what I had in mind.

Your hand moved to the door faster than I could track and you popped your head inside.
“Can they even legally drink?”, you whispered.

“I highly doubt it. They seem about 19 to me but they might even be younger. Let’s get them inside before anyone notices.”
But you hesitated as if wishing we could yank them out onto the driveway and play with them there.

Having Our Fun

I gave you a look that said ‘not yet, dear’ and nudged you out of the way. The girls were out hard, so I wrapped my arms around the closest’s shoulders and tugged, handing her off to you once she was upright.

You grunted as you lifted her, but dutifully carried her through the threshold and returned for the other. I had her ready and waiting for you, but you took a second to catch your breath first.

When you were ready we lifted this girl together. We both indulged in her passed out form with each step as she jiggled in our arms because we were hungry for more!

As we crossed the threshold and our eyes locked again, I knew we wouldn’t last long tonight. Your cock was already throbbing in your pants, and I was beyond horny. My tits ached so badly in their restraints that I wanted to claw my clothing off.

But I resisted the urge.

Inside the living room, we dumped her on the floor with the other. I lifted her arm and dropped it again, laughing at how vulnerable they both were. Before we even spoke, we both began playing with our own toy.

My fingers danced over my girl’s pale skin. When I ran into clothes I simply took them off and kept my game going. When she was completely naked I looked over to see what you were up to.

Drunk Chicks Exposed

Seeing you already naked and on top of her made me chuckle. So eager! You hadn’t slipped anything inside of her yet but your mouth was locked over her left nipple as you humped your cock into her thigh.

I left you to it and refocused on my own drunk chicks body so we could get more done. Bending her body like a Barbie, I lifted her legs and spread them. Her tight little pussy peeked at me and I knew right then that I was going to need a strap-on.

I went and got my favorite yet couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d need another toy, so I grabbed an inflatable buttplug. I wanted these drunk chicks to learn a lesson tonight so they’d never be this vulnerable again. The next people to swoop them up might not be so kind as to leave them alive, ya know?

With both toys in hand, my strap already snuggly secured around my hip, I sauntered back into the room. You looked at me like I was a Goddess before breathlessly saying “I want to watch you”.
Never one to shy away from the spotlight, I situated myself in front of my toy’s hole so I could slowly stroke my strap-on up and down her slit. The pussy juice coated it and I slid home easily when I pushed inside.

You sat on the couch stroking your cock as you watched me pound into her limp body. My pussy gushed in response because I so loved having your full attention.
Plus, I knew that the more worked up you got, the harder you’d use yours once you were ready...

Part 2, Maybe?

Yeah, this was the text-book definition of a teaser. I love setting up the plots to my stories, but by the time I get to the juicy bits, I’m like, nahhh, I worked really hard on this, if they want it that badly, they can commission me to do an ending. If not, I MIGHT revisit it and eventually give you the hot details of how our anniversary ended.

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