Fetish Frenzy

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Fetish Phone sex

As with my other two areas of expertise, there is a lot of overlap in what ends up defined as a fetish. To many, BDSM and Taboo are fetishes in their own right, and I tend to agree, to a point. But there are still plenty of fetishes that don’t fall into femdom or taboo categories and I get turned on just thinking about how varied and odd they can get!

I have a lot of personal favorites when it comes to fetishes, but below I’m going to list the fetishes I have experience with and though the rest aren’t in a specific order, the first ten are my absolute favorites. All fetishes that would potentially mutilate or cause unreasonable danger are for fantasy and roleplay fetish phone sex, only. To keep things simple, I’m excluding Latin terminology:

-Erotic Sexual Denial: Sometimes chastity, sometimes just making you rely on your self control to listen to me get off over and over without touching yourself
-ABDL: Adult Baby Diaper Lover; I see you, baby!
-Lactation: Drink the titty milk! Often combined with either ABDL, ageplay, or group-sex.
-Exhibitionism: flashing your birthday suit for all the world to see. Some get off to the disgust of their unsuspecting victims while others prefer a consenting, horny audience.
-Latex: Who doesn’t love that stretchy, shiny material as it slides across their skin?
-Smothering: Being “fully immersed” in all of my assets.
-Breath Play: choking, airway restriction, smothering, facesitting.
-Obscenity: Does being told to fuck my god damn cunt get you hard?
-Confession: Telling me all of the heinous things you’ve thought about doing.
-WAM: Wet and Messy; getting sloppy with liquids of all kinds.
-Enemas: Flushing the ass with liquids; either giving or receiving.
-CFNM: Clothed Female, Nude Male; lots of teasing.
-Edging: stroking your cock until you’re ready to explode, only to back off at the last second, over and over.
-Transformation: Werewolves, demonic possession, changing from human to something more beastly.
-Cum fetish: buckets and buckets of hot, sticky cum, please!
-Pedal Pumping: the fetish of watching a woman in high heels(or barefoot) pump the pedal of a car.
-BBC: Big Black Cock
-Queen of Spades: Taking BBC to the next level by refusing all cocks but black ones, and recognizing them as the Superior Male.

I love every fetish! Be my favorite fetish phone sex caller by giving me your unbridled kinks and I’ll show you how wild I really am!
-Miss Quinn

I get So wet when I get to mix two or more fetishes together for the kinkiest calls!

Never worry about judgment or rejection with me.

Letting me know what fetish or fetishes you want to play with helps you get the best experience possible.

Since so many fetishes tend to overlap, please inform me of any limits you may have.

This is by no means a fully inclusive list of fetishes. Some are best left for more private moments, and a few are waiting for me to explore them still! If you want a fetish not on this list, email me. I can usually ACCOMMODATE.

-Giantess: I smell the blood of a puny little bastard. Want to see if I can fit your whole body in my pussy? I do!
-Amputation: Want me to drool over your missing extremity, or maybe you prefer to fantasize about someone else missing some pieces?
-Crying: Enjoying the sounds of crying or being made to cry.
-Impregnation/breeding: Sending your cum straight to the womb. With how massive your loads are, I’m sure it’ll only take one try to knock me up!
-Fart: I really should provide a sound clip, but some of my sissies would faint if they heard the noises that come out of their Superior Goddess.
-Plushies/stuffed animals: an attraction them/mutilating them to fuck.
-Hair: All types of hair. Let’s not shame. Some love it everywhere, and some prefer just the scalp.
-Hotdogging: Arousal from sticking your dick between my buttcheeks and sliding it back and forth.
-Foot fetish: one of the most common fetishes; an attraction to feet, sometimes with preferences to smell, level of dirtiness, size, and shoe.
-Stockings/hose/leggings: tight, sleek, elegant…what’s not to love?
-Lingerie: Could you spend hours stroking your thick cock while I detail my panty drawer? Then you might have a lingerie fetish.
-Food/feeder fetish: I may be a little thick in the hips, but you intend to change that. Men who enjoy listening to women eat and gain pound after pound love food and feeder fetish.
-Vampire sex: living out the fantasy of fornicating and either being fed off of by a Vampiress or of feeding off of enthralled or unwilling victims.
-Midget porn: a love of tiny adults.
-Ghost sex: What? You didn’t get off to that scene in Scary Movie 2 where the chick gets fucked by the ghost?
-Voyeurism: Watching others engage in sexual activities.
-Ignore fetish: Getting off to being ignored.
-Sensation play: utilizing different sensations to evoke arousal. Ex; silk scarves, hot wax, feathers, massage oils, ice.
-Balloon fetish/looners: Something about the squeaky smooth exterior stretched thin by my hot breath turns you on. Look at all of the colors and shapes to choose from!

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