Humiliation Of A Pathetic Submissive

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Do you know why I love humiliation so much? It’s because I get a chance to show you how well I know you, of course! Anyone can take a glance at your cock and figure out that it’s humiliating, but to sit here while your exposed and vulnerable and completely gagged and start talking about that time your mommy bent you over her knee at the grocery store?

Well, just look at yourself, it’s got you in pieces. Was it the sharp sting of her palm on your bare ass, or the onlookers laughing at you that got you hard again? I forget…

Ohhhh, that’s right. It was actually their shared agreeance that you deserved every swat that got your little stick hard. Because if they all agreed, it must be true, right? Hahahaha I can just imagine how disappointing you were as a child.

So much potential and yet completely unable to control yourself. What a waste! But, hey, at least I get to fuck with you, whore.

Let’s look at your humiliation.

You’re a fucking mess, dear. And I went to all that effort putting on your makeup! The tears of humiliation have completely washed your mascara down your cheeks. Hahahaha

Actually, let’s get you dressed again. I want to take you on a walk while you’re dressed up like a used slut. I’m thinking a silver backless dress from my dirty laundry might create the right level of humiliation for our adventure. Let me go grab it!

Here it is! Oh god, it’s even got a cum stain on it! Hahahaha put it on, bitch. Very good! Oh, and you’ll be carrying your heels, not wearing them. Go ahead and put on the mussed up blonde wig. But don’t fucking straighten it!

That’s almost perfect. The last thing you need is this. Go ahead and put on that pair of old, torn pantyhose and let’s get going.

Humiliation Made Public

Ahh, the winter breeze feels lovely! Is that little dress keeping you warm? I suppose with that metal O ring gag in it’s hard to answer. We don’t want you freezing though, so let’s go get some coffee.


Sit down and I’ll go order. You want a plain black coffee, as hot as they’ve got, right? Right. Ok. Be right back.


Here you go. I couldn’t help but notice that everyone’s staring at you. Do you think they’re waiting to see how you drink your coffee with that gag in your mouth? I know I am.

Oh my god! I thought you’d at least try to tip your head back you stupid cunt. You fucking ruined my favorite dress! Don’t fucking look at them! I’m the one about to beat your pathetic, idiotic ass right here. Get on the fucking ground. It’s a good thing I brought your god damned collar and leash.

Humiliation On Your Level

This is where you fucking belong: at my feet. That I was magnanimous enough to let you start this walk on your feet should have been a privilege, but now you can have bloody knees as we finish our walk around town.

You’d better not expect me to slow my pace for your humiliation either. You deserve to be dragged by your neck until you pass out in your own piss. I know it. They know it. And you know it.

So get moving before I pour my coffee all over you. And be sure you apologize to these poor people for having to be exposed to your disgusting behavior.

Say it louder, you muffled prick! There you go. God, do I have to correct everything I tell you to do? For fuck’s sake. You’d think you could get one thing right. Now, move it!

You don’t belong in a respectable establishment like that anyway. On your knees at a corner is more your level. So let’s stand over here and I’ll start advertising.

Loudly And Proudly

Look at my disgusting, used bitch! Isn’t she just pathetic? $1 to see her clitty! $2 to touch! She’s the cheapest, dumbest whore around. Come feel her up!

Ah, hello ma’am. Would you like to see it’s grotesque weiner? I’d call it a cock, but that’d be a lie. It’s closer to a baby carrot than a useful dick.

Alright, $1 equals one peek. Pull up your dress, bitch. See, it’s downright disturbing, isn’t it? For another $1 I’ll let you take a pic to show your friends, if you’d like? Wonderful! Go ahead and snap a couple. You don’t want to show it off only to have a blurry pic of it!

Have a great day!

Now let’s get home for part two of your humiliation: forced-bi!

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