Rules For Phone Sex/First Time Callers/Pricing

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First of all, welcome! Thank you for taking the
time to explore my site. I love playing and I
want to get to it as quickly as possible.
On this page, you can find all current pricing
information, rules, policies, and expectations to
make our phone sex experience together.

Phone Sex Rules

-You must be 18 to call or engage in any way.

-Have your billing method ready before you call.

-No stroking your cock during billing lol or at least be good at hiding it.

-My line is for billing and paid calls only. All
questions or comments outside of that can be
directed to my email.

-No spamming my line. If you can’t reach me after 2
attempts, please email me. Whether I’m away, busy,
or sleeping, calling me excessively will not get you
the result you desire.

-Always be respectful outside of the roleplay.

-No refunds without PROMPT cancellation BEFORE
the phone sex call begins.

Phone Sex and Writing Are My Passions

-NO MEETUPS and no camming on my end. I will
watch you on Skype by request.

-In order for phone or chat minutes to roll over after
you hang up, there must either be a balance of 10+
minutes, or you must be enrolled in my Bulk
Minutes Club.

-Callbacks must come from the same number you
used to bill. If this is not possible, you will be asked
to repeat your contact information at the beginning
of your phone sex call.

-Misusing your credit card’s charge-back policy is a
crime and one that’s easily caught. Clients who
charge-back on valid charges will face

-Billing starts the moment we connect on our second call.

Don’t get left behind, read these rules!

-I am not responsible for calls dropped on the client’s end.

-If your call is dropped, you must have a balance of
10 minutes remaining, in order for you to call back

-Using a landline is recommended when possible to
ensure the best call quality on both ends.

-No haggling. I have deals all over the place: my blog,
Twitter, Tumblr, various pages, ads, etc. Find them,
use them, enjoy them, but if you ask me if I’m
“running any specials” I will castrate you.

-Any client utilizing “non-erotic chat” who attempts
to move the conversation towards sexual topics will
be banned from utilizing “non-erotic chat”

-NO MEANS NO. I have firm boundaries, yet every
once in a while someone just has to keep going. It
will not be tolerated.

What happens to rule breakers?

1. A potentially sassy correction.
2. A 24-hour time-out(blocked)
3. An indefinite time-out until I feel motivated to
unblock you.
4. Permanently blocked

We don't need your real name, but entertain me if you're unwilling to provide it. "Cock McStuffins", "BitchBoi Toy" etc.

First Time Callers

Maybe you’ve done phone sex or phone chat
before, maybe not. But if you’re new to us, then
here’s an easy guide to getting set up.

Let’s start
with a few basic rules to live by:

1. Know which type of phone sex you want:
Femdom, Taboo, or Fetish. Or are you looking
for Financial Domination?

kinky miss quinn femdom phone sex
Do you crave being controlled? Do you drool over a woman who knows what she wants? Then get ready for the hottest, wettest phone sex of your life.

Femdom phone sex – For submissive men looking for a Mistress to worship. Be prepared for rough treatment!

kinky miss quinn taboo phone sex

Taboo fantasies – I have NO limits whatsoever so long as it stays fantasy. Want me to have some fun that requires a little more secrecy? Let’s do it!

kinky miss quinn fetish phone sex
Things get pretty weird around here, best move on if you’re a stickler for normalcy.

Fetish play – I’m adaptive and versatile when it comes to fetishes. Every last one is welcome, and almost all are known to me.

click image for Amazon Wishlist

2. Use the links I just provided to figure out if
there are any specific areas you want to explore.

3. Pick your method of payment and either have
your credit card on hand, $ in your Crypto
wallet or an e-gift card selected and waiting to
be purchased/sent to my email.

4. First-time callers use promo code “Good-Boy” to get 5 free minutes
with the purchase of 5+ minutes. After your first call, you’ll need to
search for a promo on my blog, Twitter, etc. if you wish to use one
and be prepared to reference it.

5. Figure out how much time you want. You can
purchase up to 200 minutes at a time, but most
like to start with a 5, 10, or 30-minute preview
because it allows you some freedom in either
adding more time or saving money should you
cum faster than anticipated.

6. Call 888-919-9225 for our brief billing call. Be
prepared to either be billed by credit card over
the phone or ready for email payment. (credit
cards discreetly billed as

7. On the billing call, you’ll be given the option
to give me your email address, and I
recommend that you do, obviously. You’ll
receive 2 free nude pics per call, thank you
emails, and lots of juicy promos. It also makes it
super easy to know when I’m ready for you to
call back after billing!

8. Since I don’t have any limits, there’s no need
to give me a rundown of what you wish to do on
our call. If you prefer I know beforehand, email
me the details.

9. Get comfy. It usually takes me about 3-4
minutes to bill cc’s and send out some steamy
pics. So, get your favorite toys and lubes, make
sure your phone has good reception, and get

10. Call Back once you receive your pictures. If after 5 minutes they
haven’t shown up call me back and we’ll get it sorted out.

11. Enjoy your call! There are no real rules
about what we say on our calls. You can even
choose your favorite porn to watch as we chat!
Anything and everything is possible so long as
you remember that you’re in my home.

12. I like to say thank you and let you know
about my favorite parts of our calls a day or two
after we connect. If you’d like to opt-out but still
receive pics with your calls, no worries!

Current Pricing

Click to go to the Financial Domination page

There is a 10-minute minimum on all calls, except 5-minute previews, domestic (USA) and international (Canada & all other countries). Domestic calls are $2.00 per min – INTL calls are $2.50 per min- No processing fees, always toll-free. All Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Gift Cards (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover)Accepted. Payment Verified by Phone only. Your charge will be discreetly billed.