Sadistic Pleasures Of The Domme Queen

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My anger doesn’t make me a better Mistress, but it sure does make me more sadistic. As I sit here contemplating my latest disappointment I wonder which of you has the fortitude to face me at my darkest. Maybe none of you, or maybe, just maybe I’d be surprised. 

So tonight I’m not making a fantasy for you, but rather, one for myself. This one is not for the faint of heart, so unless you’re a CBT painslut, turn back now. Now, on with the sadistic show!

Sadistic Fantasy Gone Wild

As I snuck closer and closer to the balcony’s edge, I looked over the crowd of men waiting for my grand entrance, my heart skipping a beat. There were just so many of them! 120 to be specific.

Young and old, thin and fat, they came from everywhere just to be punished by little ol’ me. I was flattered! Each and every one of them was a gift from a mistress. I’d sent out my request for their most delicious tithes, and the result this year was far beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Perhaps some of the other Mistresses would have been mad over the state of the less attractive gifts, but I knew better. if my network of Mistresses was sending an ugly or apparently defective submissive to me, there was a reason. My guess was that the uglier ones had a higher pain tolerance. 

There was never going to be a grand entrance, though. My servants had been stationed around the room to lead my selections to a special room. It would be a while before the amount missing would alarm the rest of the guests, and by that time they’d be so drunk they wouldn’t know what was happening.

Sadistically Snared

I found my first victims dancing erotically together near the back of the ballroom. With one short message to my servant they were inconspicuously led away. I made my way to the dungeon, imagining what was running through their minds. 

Surely they were used to being mistreated, but the scene they were walking into was already grotesque and barbaric. My house slaves, Sam and Alex, were suspended from the ceiling by homemade piercings running the length of their backs. 

Needles, clamps, and a penis pump dangled from each of their bodies, marking the hours of pregaming we’d had before my guests’ arrival. What can I say, I’d been feeling quite sadistic.

With O ring gags in both of their mouths and lacerations all over them, the floor below was a mess. Jizz, blood, spit, and some other mystery fluids created puddles that would intimidate even the hardest of men.

Yes, I was betting the first victims of the party were wide-eyed and ready for my attendance. 

Sadistic Introductions

My 4 inch stilettos announced my arrival. With a deep breath I centered myself before entering. All eyes were on me, so I smiled genially and entered further. Their bodies turned to follow me as my servants left the room, their duty fulfilled.

“Welcome to my home. I do so hope you enjoy your stay,” I said as I walked straight to my dangling pets and ran my fingernails over their pumps. They convulsed under my fingers and I turned to face my new toys dramatically as their chains rattled. My dungeon was dimly lit by gas sconces along the walls with slightly slanted floors, leading to a singular drain in the center.

“Your Mistresses have sent you as their yearly tithing to me. You will be used in any capacity I see fit. I am sadistic and will be using you exclusively for sadistic purposes. There will be disobedience, no safewords, and no escape until my lust is sated. This is your only chance to leave. Would you like to know the consequences of denying me what I want?”

One stared back at me, excitement and pride seeping from every pore. Clearly he understood that his Mistress had chosen him above all others to impress me.

 The other looked forlorn and full of self pity. My eyes fixated on his slumped demeanor, waiting for his inevitable ‘yes’. It came in the form of a slight nod. 

I was already disgusted with him, but his lack of proper communication irked me even further. Still, I maintained my composure and quietly laid out the consequences.

Sadistic Consequences

If you should decide to leave, you will be removed from the house, naked. Wherein you will race my loyal and eager pack of Dobermanns to the main gate. If you cannot scale it before my babies arrive, they will drag you to the ground…and fuck you,” I said gently, pausing to look each of them in the eye.

“Should you make it out intact, you will still be blacklisted from every Domme in my network. And every Domme they know. And every Domme they know…and you get the point, right? If you leave, your time as a submissive is over.”

“So, shall we proceed?”

I was openly glaring at the less enthusiastic of my toys at this point. The defiance and indignation radiating from him had me wishing I’d written permanent mutilation into my contract with my fellow Dommes.


When he nodded this time, I was ready. Before his head stopped moving, I’d backhanded him so hard that he hit the floor. Before he could recover, I had my high heel on his throat, pressing just enough to keep him in place.

My face remained stoic as I knelt down, hiking up my pleated skirt in the process. Feeling frisky, I leaned down and licked the side of his face before looking at my other toy thoughtfully.

“I only need to actively torment one of you, really. Let’s get this sad, worthless cunt restrained and then I’ll get you set up on a machine until I’ve ruined him. Then we’ll make you hurt just the way you crave, you divine gift, you,” I chuckled at the blush that spread through the good boy.

Pain sluts just get me. Especially my sadistic side. The obedient slave helped me raise the bitch up and get him strapped to one of my crosses. This one was a delight, as it easily pivoted in any direction. I rotated my toy until his cock was at face height and his head was at my knees.

Playing Hard

My options were limitless. So long as he had all of his body parts I could mark and scar him however I wanted. So, I started by putting an iron in the fire. This fucker was totally getting branded when I was finished, and I wanted it to be ready in time.

I approached slowly, thinking of exactly what I wanted to say.

“I’m perplexed by your Mistress’s choice in sending you to me. Who owns you?”

“Mistress Olivia,” he said, proudly.

I squatted down in front of his face and laughed. 

“Oh, I see. God, she’s hilarious. You weren’t sent here so much as a tithe to me, but as a last-ditch effort to either break you or be rid of you. Ohhh, she’s going to pay for this.”

If his pasty face could get any whiter, it did. 

I kept laughing as I inserted the gag, fastening it carefully behind his head. 

“I’m going to give her what she wants, though. You’re going to find out what I can do with just this piece of paper. No other toys or tools. Just. Paper. Then you’re going to watch me play with that good boy over there. As your cock hardens, your time to shine will finally be here.”

Standing Up To Stupidity

With that, I stood up and backed away a pace. I needed to pace myself if I wanted this to hurt as much as possible.

Stepping forward, I gave his hand a kiss before spreading his fingers. My hands held the paper steady as I quickly sliced the webbing between his index and middle fingers. There was no noise or even twitch of pain, but the droplets of blood that seeped out satisfied me for the time being.

Next, I grabbed his thumb and index finger and repeated the process between every one of his fingers.

Then I moved to his nipple.

Holding the paper over the center of his nipple, I sliced deep. He shook and whimpered. My pussy dripped. I repeated the process with his other nipple and a desperation slipped into his groans.

Ready To Be REALLY Sadistic

His cock was ready for me now.

I started with the tip. His cock was as soft as it could possibly get though. So I ushered it into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it until it was hard. Grabbing a dirty rag, I dried my spit from it and continued with my work. 

I ran the paper across his pisshole and had to step back as he thrashed about viciously. Piss trickled out, making him scream for me. 

That’s what I want to hear! Louder!”

I stepped back up to bat and ran the paper swiftly over the length of his rod. My hands angled the paper so that most of the cuts crescendoed on the tip. I wanted his cock head throbbing in pain!

This time when he thrashed, I pressed my body in on him, squishing it to the cross. I was going to have to get deeper anyway, so there was no point in giving him space every time he felt pain.

As his cock began leaking more and more blood, I folded the paper over on itself. It was time to vivisect those balls! I sliced them every which way I could and then stood back, admiring my work.

To the untrained eye it didn’t look so bad. There was a little blood leaking from him, but mostly his torment was invisible.

I Change My Mind

“I know I said the paper would be my only sadistic instrument, but, as is my prerogative, I’ve changed my mind. There’s one more thing I want to do before I put you on the back burner for a few hours.”

With that, I turned on my heel and opened a mini fridge full of refreshments. First I pulled out a chilled bottle of vodka. Showing it to him, I took a second to sneak another, more painful bottle, into my other hand.

The vodka cap twisted off and I took a swig. It was cool, if not quite refreshing. Once I’d had my fill, I upended the bottle over his cock.

His entire body trembled as the harsh liquid found every cut and he screamed louder than I’d expected. I focused my attention on the vodka though. The glistening liquid took on a red hue as it washed away the thin layer of blood. Eventually it found his gagged mouth and helpless nostrils and flooded them. I felt downright sadistic.

That was just fine by me. I love sputtering men! So, I switched to the second bottle: lemon juice. But this time, I didn’t just pour. I grabbed his dick, lined the tip of the bottle up with it, and squeezed. When it exploded out of him, covering his entire package, I couldn’t help but laugh!

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