Taboo For You

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taboo phone sex

Our hearts are one in our devotion to
something darker, sicker, and tastier
than most are equipped to handle.
Not us, though. We move through the
shadows, comfortable in our
delights, as the world remains
steadfast in their ignorance.

So long as we keep our secrets safe, we can talk about ANYTHING. No matter the age
of our delights, the bestial nature of our hunger, or the incessant need to keep things
familiar, we’ll be sure to snuff out any doubts of “off-limits” attitudes.

Still afraid your fantasy might force me to cross a line? It won’t, but you can shoot me
an email just to make sure if you want.

Honestly, so long as you’re polite while setting up your call and fantasy
you remain aware that everything is purely fantasy/for entertainment only, you’ll find
me to be one of the most accommodating taboo phone sex operators you’ve ever met.

If you’re looking for someone to drag you down to new lows,
then let’s set up a call and
get kinky!