Taboo Seduction: Secret Fantasy

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Tonight, I’m horny for someone I’m not supposed to touch. I’m going to touch them one day, though, and not just because they’re taboo. Not today, not next month. But once I’ve worked myself up to a level of sexual tension that most men couldn’t bare, I’m going to have my fun.

I already have visions of so many different ways it could go! Each one is hot and kinky, but there’s one that’s pretty erotic to me, and relatively tame. So I thought we might enjoy it together since I’m not sharing it with him.

Taboo Attraction

The blunt was lit and burning beautifully. As I passed it back to Ethan, I felt his finger brush mine and electricity danced along my skin. The gentle high of the indica kept my face stoic as I sat back, eyes on the TV, but my mind was on fire. Images of his head rolled back, his mouth open on a silent groan, filled my head.

I wondered if he had any idea how horny I got just being around him. It had always been that way from the moment I’d been introduced to him. Even when I had been dating his best friend, taboo thoughts had filled my mind.

My pussy was already dripping and he’d just gotten here. Surely he would have sent me a dick pic by now if he had known…surely. But alas, I had nothing but my imagination and one brief glimpse of the outline of his cock through a pair of sweatpants to go on as my mind took me down hotter and hotter paths.

As I imagined straddling his lap and shotgunning the blunt right from his mouth, he stared at me, arm outstretched.

“Quinn”, he said, gently. I reached out and took the blunt, tamping down my imagination. The taste was a little harsh but the mellow after-effect was welcome.

Taboo Imagination

Of all the things I wanted to do to him, fucking him was at the bottom of my list. I wanted to take him to new heights by doing everything but putting him inside of my pussy. All of my high school fetishes were coming back to haunt me, and I wanted them so badly that I feared my nipples might cut right through my tank top.

If I didn’t calm myself down, I was going to reveal my hand before I was ready. I needed a distraction.

Handing the blunt back to Ethan, I attempted to strike up a conversation.

“My birds still fucking hate me. I think it’s getting worse,” I said with exasperation.

It didn’t work. I knew he was saying something sympathetic but all I could think of was gently running my hands up his thighs until I reached his dick. My knees had never wanted to bend for a man so badly. A visiting King deserves his hosting Queen’s hospitality though. Or at least that’s how I justified it.

He was still talking and I hadn’t heard a word, so I cut him off.


“Ethan,” I said his name like I’d always wanted. Slow and sweet, an implicit neediness dripping from it. All the air left the room. With one word I’d catapulted us into a crossroad there was no going back from. His body stiffened, his eyes locked on something beyond me.

This was so much more complicated for him than me. I’d already drawn my line in the sand with the man that connected us. And I’d never asked Ethan to cross it with more than one foot. It was completely taboo. And I was playing a very dangerous game.

Some decisions are inevitable though, once the thought is planted.

His brow furrowed and he finally looked at me. Between us, contact was rare, including eye contact. I’m a very open person by nature, and my eyes give me away. But I was ready now.

With one look we both understood that there would be, could be, no more talking. Without words, it could be like it never happened, even if the memories lasted forever.

Keeping my eyes locked on his, I hit the blunt one last time before handing it back to Ethan. Then I rose, moving to stand in front of him. Stepping forward, I used my leg to guide his own open as he sat back further into the couch. I sank to my knees between his feet and copied my imagination exactly.

Taboo Anticipation

The warmth of his skin radiated through his jeans as the corded muscles tensed beneath my palms. My hands moved forward, and so did his. Right before I could reach my prize, Ethan’s hand brought the blunt to my lips and his other gently cupped my jaw.

Every touch felt so taboo and forbidden. From the cloying smoke filling my lungs, to the look of hunger in his eyes, every detail felt like it was being etched into my very being. Like a brand.

He pulled the blunt back to his lips and watched curiously to see what I’d do next. I let my hands slide those final few inches to his dick, and gently let my long nails draw a line down the length of it through the denim.

Ethan let out a long breath as he pressed back into the couch, lightly pushing his thick cock into my hands. The head hit my palm and I leaned into it, feeling how swollen it was. My mouth watered as it twitched from the attention.


Slowly, I took it out of his jeans. It was thick and long, begging to be pleasured. Ethan gasped as my hand firmly wound itself around his shaft. My soft hands slowly began pumping and I distantly wondered if he felt as dirty and wrong as I did, if he viewed me as simply Quinn or as my ex’s off-limits property…and if the thought of the latter excited him like it did me.


The precum leaking from his cock was what kept those questions so distant. I was hypnotized by the clear, delicious bead. But I had to do something else before I dealt with it.

Releasing his dick, I sat back and pulled my tank top over my head revealing a sheer pink bra. Quickly, I reached behind me, releasing it and allowing my soft, pale tits to spring free.

My nipples hardened beneath my fingers as I pinched them gently. The warm gush of pussy juice as I rolled them back and forth was more powerful than I expected, and my eyes rolled back into my head. So lost in ecstasy, I didn’t notice Ethan sitting forward, adding his own hands to mine, until they were on me.

I leaned into them, moving my hands out of the way so his adept fingers could explore. For a moment I sat entirely still, enjoying the sensations of his gentle yet firm touch. He cupped each heavy tit in his palm as both thumbs expertly grazed my hard nipples.

He moved his hands to pinch them, slowly increasing the pressure until I was humming with pleasure. And then I wanted more.


I moved closer to him, pushing his hands away for a moment. Looking up at him with my piercing blue eyes, I smirked and then lowered my tits to his cock. A hiss of air escaped him as my pillowy breasts surrounded his shaft. My hands sought his and brought them to the outsides of my breasts, encouraging him to squeeze and rub them with me.

All the while, that drop of precum grew. I could see it, ready for my tongue and had to give in and taste it. I craned my neck downward and wrapped my lips around the head of Ethan’s cock. It felt and tasted better than I’d imagined, and he seemed to agree.

The moment my tongue curled around his slit and lapped the precum away, my breasts were abandoned. Ethan’s hands turned to fists in my hair, not pushing, but holding on for dear life. I slid lower on his pole and felt a power run through me as he turned into a groaning God beneath my ministrations.

Passionate Pleasure

His vocal appreciation for my mouth made me want to impale my throat with his cock as deeply as I could. But I had all the time in the world. So I started shallowly bobbing my head up and down, letting the ridge of his cock brush against my plump lips as the spit and tension built up.

I slurped and slobbered over the top 3 inches of his dick until I tasted a second wave of precum. When that salty liquid hit, it broke a damn inside me and I sucked his dick all the way to the back of my throat, grinding my nose into his pelvis.

I held myself there, working my tongue and throat muscles and felt him hunch over, above me. Seconds later, his hands lifted my face by a few inches and I filled my lungs with air as I continued to suck. My spit dribbled down his balls as his hands guided me up and down.

Forgetting Taboo

Ever a gentleman, there was no real force behind his motions. Just a gentle instruction for what he wanted. That fact alone made me want to give him everything he wanted and more. I hollowed out my cheeks and moved to his rhythm with ease.

Getting facefucked had never felt so two-sided. He slid me up and down his shaft, pausing to let me lick him and catch my breath from time to time, but never fully removing his warm, hard cock from my mouth. It was so erotic that it was hard to remember that it was taboo.

As I moved faster and faster, his body began to tense. His legs spread minutely and I felt his balls tight against his shaft. His hands left my hair and I excitedly waited for my treat, hovering on the tip of his cock while my hand pumped the wet shaft.

The Benefits of Friendship

With a final, primal groan, his cum began hitting my tonsils. His dick twitched in time with his pulse, as though an electric current ran through it. I pumped it gently a few more times, and then released his cock.

I let the cum rest on my tongue for a second, sampling its flavor, satisfied that I’d finally gotten what I wanted, before swallowing it.

Then I turned around and grabbed my tank top and bra off of the floor and put them back on. Ethan tucked his dick back into his pants, sitting back into the couch, and looked at me curiously.

I stayed silent until I was back in my seat on the couch and then said, “Did you put that blunt out or do I need to roll another?”

He chuckled, pulling the half-smoked blunt from behind his ear.

“Nice! Spark it up.”

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