Pegging My Submissive Slut In Bondage

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Why does pegging feel so fucking good?

Probably because it’s a literal way for me to fuck you over. Not that you seem to mind. Sure, you wince at first as I peg that sweet little asshole of yours, but as you start to loosen up, there’s no stopping us, is there?! You fuck me back, just as hard as I fuck you, leaving us both sweaty beasts as we claim what we desire. 

Which, brings me to my next point: You are a complete whore! Holy shit, the things I’m going to do to you once I get you in my grasps again, pet…they torment me. Do you know why you’re my favorite sub? Because no matter how sadistic and humiliating things get with me, you stick around for your reward. The hottest thing about you is how infrequently you use your safeword.

You won’t be needing your safeword tonight, though, cum slut. It’s time for a little pegging fun for both of us. 

Making You Tremble

I pull the restraints from under the bed, the leather bindings slithering over my skin. It feels cool to the touch as I straighten it, and I smile, knowing they’ll warm soon enough. With you behind me, nude, I straighten my skirt with my other hand and stand, letting you take in my entire backside from top to bottom. My razor-thin black stilettos, the dark outline of my thigh-highs, the sinfully short black leather skirt, and my lacy black corset are all yours to gaze upon for a brief moment.

I’m fully aware, and put on a little show, wiggling my hips back and forth as you stand silently, motionlessly, like a good boy. After a moment, I turn back around, restraints ready to go. With one perfectly manicured nail I point to a spot right in front of me, and you assume the position. On your hands and knees, I secure the restraints, using spreader bars at your knees and ankles as finishing touches. 

Helpless, and desperate for attention, you absently shift your weight from one appendage to the other while I grab a few toys from my bedside stand. I chuckle to myself and start chatting to keep you preoccupied while you wait,

“Aw, is someone ready for their pegging? I know you earned it…but you also know I’m an evil bitch, so if you want that hole stuffed right, you’re going to have to prove you can multitask for me.”

The Catch

With my toys in hand, I move back into your line of sight, my thick purple strap-on staring you in the face. 

“You can suck on this one for a second if you want, but it really doesn’t matter. No matter how wet you get it, I’m just going to wipe it off and go in dry, bitch boy. But I am going to have you suck on this one the entire time I fucking peg you.”

With that, I present the toy in my left hand. An 8″ realistic dildo.

“But wait, there’s more.”

In my other hand, I dangle an “O” ring gag.

“That’s right, cunt! You won’t be able to use your teeth to cheat! Now, there’s no strap and you obviously can’t use your hands, so be sure to suck hard! If you drop it, then I pull out, understood?”

Going in dry

With your dripping cock bobbing between your legs, there was never any risk of you rejecting my demand. Most days you’d do anything for me, but tonight it was apparent that you’d do anything for a good hard pegging! So I obliged.

I slide the dildo into your mouth and place a bowl on the ground under your face.

“What, you thought I’d be ok with you drooling all over my floor? Get the fuck out.”

With that, I line my strap-on up with your clenched hole. I can feel the nervous anticipation rolling off of you in waves as I hover there, breathing in the moment. Pegging you is an event to be cherished, but those few brief moments of holding your pleasure in my hands and temporarily denying it to you? Those are the moments I live for.

I take one final, deep breath, wrapping my hand around the base of my cock, and thrust forward. Your body tenses as you grunt for me, but before your pleasure, you owe me more pain. I fuck you as hard and fast as I can until your ass loosens up. Every whimper and cry is music to my ears during those first few moments and my pussy floods as I tunnel into you. 

Getting wet

Just as I feel you start to relax, a new kind of pleasure takes hold. It had been so long since your last pegging that I’d forgotten what a loud whore you are! As my hips piston and my tits jiggle, I feel your knees begin to shake. My baby has finally entered his subspace! I knew that with just the right amount of pain and stimulation we could get you there without punishment, and here you are, about to blow your load.

I lean forward, my sweaty body cradling yours from above as I seek new angles to fuck you from. Your hole stretches and I dig in deeper, slowing my thrusts as I slowly stir your guts. 

“Are you almost ready to explode, pet?”, I whisper in your ear.

Your desperate nod sends a shiver down my spine, so I reward you. Grabbing your cock in my left hand, I bite your earlobe, tugging on both. In a single thrust, you lose control, giving me exactly what I want!

Kinky Miss Quinn